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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Assessing and Improving Community Health in Wisconsin

Appleton City Health Department

Implementation Approaches

Goal: Increase percentage of people living at a healthy weight

Objective #1: Establish “Weight of the Fox Valley” Initiative in the Tri-County area

  • Provide Appleton Health Department leadership participation on both the Weight of the Fox Valley Core and Leadership Teams
  • Support establishment of metrics through hospital data systems
  • Engage City of Appleton employees on work teams
  • Provide financial and in-kind support

Objective #2: Improved access to healthy foods

  • Working with ADI support sustainability of local farms markets
  • Support Weight of the Fox Valley to expand presence at local events where we have an opportunity to educate about healthy foods
  • Support school based health in Appleton area schools such as North, East and West High Schools marketing project
  • Working with Appleton Library to reduce consumption of sugary drinks

Objective #3: Increase participation in exercise and physical activities

  • Support physical activity/healthy lifestyle classes and support groups throughout city
  • Provide leadership and support local events that encourage physical activity i.e. Fox Cities Bike Challenge, Heart Walk
  • Partner with other city departments and advocate for environmental improvement that promote physical activity i.e. bike paths, Bike/Ped mobility study
  • Support Weight of the Fox Valley which works with local school districts to support physical activity efforts (i.e. Safe routes to school, walking school bus, before and after school activity)
  • Partner with Parks and Recreation department and explore implementation of primary care physician “activity prescriptions” with Mosaic Health

Objective #4: Engage City of Appleton employees to help address obesity initiatives

  • Support Health Smart Team as they provide Health Assessments to all employees and their partners
  • Work with Human Resources to establish Breast Feeding friendly work environment