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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Assessing and Improving Community Health in Wisconsin

ThedaCare Medical Center-Wild Rose

Implementation Approaches

Goal: People within the communities we serve have easy access to healthy food and activity options

Objective: By 2020, 100% of ThedaCare facilities comply with a healthy food and beverage policy


  • Establish and implement ThedaCare system-wide healthy food/beverage policy. (Roll out to ThedaCare At Work clients over time.)

Objective: By 2020, each ThedaCare market will have an active coalition addressing nutrition and physical activity


  • Provide support to Waushara County Wellness Coalition.
  • Sponsor one major community event per market that emphasizes healthy eating or activity.
  • Host “Good to Go” ThedaCare employee volunteer events in area schools.
  • Support menu labeling initiatives in restaurants.

Objective: By 2020, 100% of ThedaCare primary care providers are consistently advising on healthy eating and physical activity during well visits


  • Provide educational materials about negative effects of sweetened beverages at well visits.
  • Pilot prescriptions for healthy eating and/or physical activity.

Goal: Patient needs are addressed through seamless coordination of clinical and community health resources

Objective: By 2020, 25% of all screened ThedaCare Physicians customers experiencing social determinant barriers to health are connected to community resources


  • Pilot Community Navigator model within system. Extend to additional locations as appropriate.

Objective: By 2020, 70% of ThedaCare Physicians patients age 65+ have an Advance Directive in their medical record


  • Implement FV Advance Care Planning Partnership. Extend to rural hospitals as appropriate.

Goal: People living with mental health or substance abuse needs have access to care they need when they need it

Objective: By 2020, average customer wait times for initial Mental Health or AODA evaluation will be less than 1 week


  • Establish alternative delivery models (i.e. e-Visits through Behavioral Healthcare Partners).
  • Enhance capacity of primary care providers to address routine mental health needs.
  • Support spread of Primary Care Integration Pilot beyond Internal Medicine.
  • Pilot ThedaCare Health Care Professional training in ACES and Trauma Informed Care. (Waupaca/ New London/Complex Care). Expand as appropriate through system.
  • Explore establishment of Mental Health Clinician Residency Program.
  • Support community-based access initiatives. (Examples include Drug Court startup, recovery coaches, drug take back programs and narcan education efforts.)
  • Expand use of Vivitrol across primary care.
  • Implement US Agriculture Grant to provide telemedicine services in rural areas. (Pilot in Shawano then spread to other rural markets.)

Objective: By 2020, 100% of ThedaCare primary care providers consistently screen their patients for mental health/AODA/suicide


  • Establish mental health screening protocol across primary care for depression (PHQ2)/suicide and AODA.
  • Support CAMS (Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality) training.

Objective: By 2020, 50% of ThedaCare service area is designated as Trauma-Sensitive


  • Support community education efforts around Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma Informed Care.

Objective: By 2020, 100% of ThedaCare workforce is trained in mental health literacy


  • Provide online mandatory employee training in the basics of mental health literacy.

Goal: People in our service area are self-sufficient and able to participate fully in the life of the community

Objective: TBD by POINT


  • Provide financial and leadership support to POINT Initiative and key drivers as appropriate:
    - Education
    - Job and economic stability
    - Family support and connectedness
    - Physical health
    - Psychological health and addiction support
    - Adequate human services
  • Participate on Basic Needs Giving Partnership

Goal: Children in our service area receive the support they need for a healthy start to life

Objective: By 2020, 3 of 7 ThedaCare hospitals will provide home visitation services to vulnerable first time parents


  • Pilot home visitation model for vulnerable families in Shawano. If successful, expand to other markets.
  • Expand marketing for parenting classes/support.

Objective: By 2020, Wild Rose will identify and implement a significant system, policy or environmental change that will improve Early Childhood health


  • Host CHAT plunge on Early Childhood and/or implement Early Childhood strategies developed by other CHAT group.
  • Identify Policy/System/Environmental change as result of ACES and Trauma Informed Care training.

Objective: By 2020, 100% of Family Practice and Pediatric providers will consistently provide standardized early childhood health information at ThedaCare Well Child visits


  • Add Dot.Phrase with critical information/resources to well child summary
  • Support “Reach Out and Read” book program through clinics.
  • Provide referral tool for nurses (OB, FP and Peds) that includes critical parenting resources.
  • Explore use of Community Navigator model in FP/Peds clinic to link families to community resources