Assessing and Improving Community Health in Wisconsin

Lakeview Medical Center

Barron County
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Community Health Needs Assessment
Community Health Implementation Plan

Implementation Approaches

Long Term Goal: By 2018, reduce driving deaths related to alcohol use in Barron County

Objective: Reduce alcohol abuse in Barron county.

  • Partner with the Barron County Sherriff’s Department (BCSD) to increase awareness of the dangerous impact of operating a vehicle under the influence

Long Term Goal: By 2018, reduce deaths related to drug abuse use in Barron county

Objective: Reduce drug usage in Barron county.

  • Partner with the Barron County Community Coalition (BCCO) and Barron County Sheriff’s Dept. (BCSD) to develop and implement a community awareness campaign educating the community on the risks of keeping expired drugs and the importance of disposing of them safely.
  • Partner with the BCCC and BCSD regarding the Hiding in Plain Sight Program.

Long Term Goal: By 2018, reduce adult smokers in Barron County

Objective: Increase community members perceived severity regarding the use of tobacco products.

  • Expand referral network to increase participation in LMC’s first breath, not-on-tobacco (N-O-T) and tobacco cessation programs

Long Term Goal: By 2018, decrease the number of Barron County residents who have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Objective 1: In May 2017, Increase the number of residents screened at LMC’s free “Know Your Numbers” event

Objective 2: Reduce % of Adults who report a BMI >= 30

  • Increase annual participation in LMC’s offering of the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Objective 3: By October 2017, Increase the number of worksites offering a Worksite Wellness program for their employees

Objective 1: By Spring 2017, Partner with Security Health Plan to provide the Mental Health First aid course to community members, educators, healthcare professionals

Objective 2: Increase self-efficacy among teachers in being able to identify mental health warning signs in students.

  • Partner with a Barron County school system to implement online training for teachers to recognize mental health warning signs in students.