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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Assessing and Improving Community Health in Wisconsin

Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital Ozaukee

Implementation Approaches

Breast Health

Goal: Increase screening rates among Ozaukee women 40 and older


  • Outreach to Ozaukee businesses for employee health
  • Pursue outreach to migrant farm workers in northern Ozaukee
  • Community outreach
  • Maintain high level of mammography screening performed through CSM Ozaukee outpatient settings

Fall Prevention

Goal: Reduce the number of falls through improved patient education, improved provider education and collaboration with non-profit partners in assessment of risk for senior citizens in the community


  • Research models of fall prevention across Ascension and other national organizations
  • Identify patient education materials to be made available through Emergency Department, hospital staff and community physician clinics
  • Identify provider education opportunities regarding fall prevention strategies in CSM Ozaukee and clinics
  • Develop risk assessment to inform caregivers and seniors about risk reduction

Goal: Increase access to oral health care for adults and children in Ozaukee County

Strategy: Assignment of dentist or dental hygienist at Huiras for diagnostics and treatment using Mobile Dental Clinic six times yearly, serving 12 patients each day (72 patients annually)