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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Assessing and Improving Community Health in Wisconsin

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-Elmbrook Memorial

Implementation Approaches

-Promote and educate the community on healthy eating habits by offering classes and activities throughout the community.

-Offer farmers’ market produce on campus for patients, associates, and the community at large.

-Develop a community resource center for the community around weight loss.

-Educate school-age children and young adults on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

-Offer and promote programs that require physical activity.

-Ensure appropriate follow-up care for underserved patients using our Emergency Department for primary care.

-Participate in the Milwaukee Healthcare Partnership Emergency Department Care Coordination Initiative by scheduling follow-up appointments for patients at FQHCs, Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group primary care clinics, and the Wheaton Franciscan Family Care Center.

-Participate in the establishment of a community-wide practice standard for meeting specialty care needs for low-income, uninsured emergency department patients in a safe, timely, and equitable manner. The standard will align with the phased implementation of the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership Specialty Access for Uninsured Partnership (SAUP) Program.

-Actively screen uninsured patients for financial assistance programs, including Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare’s Community Care, our financial assistance program for patients in need.