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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Assessing and Improving Community Health in Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute has compiled community health needs assessments (CHNA/CHA) and community health improvement plans (CHIP) from hospitals and health departments across the state into a website for easy access. Awareness of shared health priorities and the strategies and tactics being considered for implementation across the state and in local communities creates opportunities for shared learning and alignment of efforts.

The top five priorities identified across the plans of Wisconsin hospitals and local health departments are:

NEW – Oral Health & Maternal and Child Health added as key health improvement priorities. Read their definitions here.

What are hospitals and health departments working on in my county?

FusionMaps XT.

To learn more about the health priorities for individual counties that have been identified through the hospital and local health department needs assessment process, click on a county in the map.

Which hospitals and health departments are working on my health priority?

Hospitals and health departments with available health plans

To see the communities working in each of the health priority areas, select a priority area from the list above.

Submit your organization’s most recent community health assessment (CHNA/CHA) and improvement plan (CHIP)
Support provided by the Wisconsin Partnership Program, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.